Cheese Ravioli (Sunday, May 19th)


Cheese Ravioli Cooking Class for PTA Fundraising

DATE:  Sunday, May 19th

Join us for a delightful and savory Cheese Ravioli Online Cooking Class! This class is a fantastic opportunity for families to come together in the kitchen, creating delicious meals while supporting our PTA—all from the comfort of your own home. Discover the art of making homemade cheese ravioli, a skill that will bring joy and delicious dinners to your family table. Your participation directly benefits our school’s PTA, enriching our children’s educational experiences. A Zoom link will be sent with the email confirmation.

Why Join?

  • Family-Friendly Activity: Designed for families, this class encourages bonding through the joy of cooking. Perfect for parents and children to engage in a fulfilling culinary experience.
  • Skill Building: Participants will learn the fundamentals of pasta making, including dough preparation and ravioli filling, in an enjoyable and informative setting.
  • Support Your PTA: A portion of every registration fee is donated to our school’s PTA, funding educational programs and enhancing our school community.

Sign up for an evening of culinary creativity and contribute to a great cause!

Cheese Ravioli (Sunday, May 19th)
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