Master Meal Prep and Kitchen Skills with Chef Teey!

Affordable, Practical, and Delicious – Learn at Your Own Pace

Every Thursday
Receive a New Weekly Meal Plan

What's For Dinner?

This timeless question can feel overwhelming on busy weeknights. Fortunately, with Chef Teey's meal plan,
you can enjoy stress-free, delicious meals that save you time and effort.

What You Get

Get a new meal plan every Thursday with healthy, delicious recipes and printable resources to save time on meal prep and reduce takeout expenses.

Join Chef Teey for three live cooking classes each month. Interact in real-time, ask questions, and get personalized advice from Chef Teey.

Enjoy unlimited access to a library of pre-recorded cooking videos. Learn at your own pace with step-by-step tutorials on various recipes and kitchen skills.

Join our exclusive Facebook community to share tips, ask questions, and get support from Chef Teey and fellow cooking enthusiasts. Enjoy live sessions and regular updates.

Chef Teey

Meet Chef Teey, a culinary maestro from Morris County, NJ, and the force behind Chef-Teey, Jeremiahs Team Building, and formerly Jeremiahs Catering. With 37 years of culinary expertise, Chef T inspires kitchen confidence through team building, virtual kids’ classes, business networking, and private chef services. Designed for everyone, Chef T’s offerings go beyond, boosting confidence and improving kitchen skills. She’s dedicated to helping teams and individuals, sharing essential skills that build confidence and enhance cooking abilities all leading to improving your quality of life.

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